Clue Excerpts

Excerpts from “Forrest Fenn’s Unexpected Treasure”

highlighting additional ‘on the ground clues’…

“….I …toyed with the idea that the glyph I was seeking would be one representing the ‘Supernova event’ of A.D.1054, known, shockingly, as SN1054. Petroglyphs interpreted to represent this stunning stellar event have been seen in the ‘rock record’ more than a few times in the Southwest, and would certainly represent what could be thought of as a ‘blaze’. Because glyphs of this event are much more rare than that of sun glyphs, it seemed to me a great candidate for Fenn’s ‘blaze’ (reference in the poem). For a week, in A.D. 1054, this ‘blaze in the sky’ was visible in daytime in competition even with the sun itself. The regional Indian tribes most certainly noticed the explosion of the distant sun that formed what we now know as the Crab Nebula.”

“This tiny creek wasn’t visible upon its entry as a tributary into the Rio Grande from the vantage point of Google Earth, and would make for a more furtive hiding place for treasure. If treasure seekers followed the clues to this point, Fenn would lose them on the wrong tributary. “

Forrest Fenn’s Unexpected Treasure Ground Clues

“Immediately past this circle are a series of inline letters formed from black volcanic rocks piled in rows. From satellite they seemed, incorrectly, to spell Q (space) RU, but once on the ground, once they are physically inspected, they spell O (space) RT1. The last letter could be either an ‘I’ or a Roman Numeral ‘one’. This has the ring of a personalized license plate reading, ‘Oh-‘Arty’ One…’. The uppermost part of the uppermost letter is at elevation 6066 feet. This assumed use of elevation to deliver a message is a clever one…” “……it certainly seems to point in the direction of an art dealer. “Oh, arty one”. Forrest Fenn is implicated by association.”

“It also makes sense to me to believe that a man of Fenn’s accomplishments would not be ‘about’ trying to glorify his own name, as some have speculated being his motive for the treasure hunt. His deeds speak for themselves, and are in a stand-alone category far above and beyond the average. Does he enjoy the notoriety? Sure, I think he probably does, to an extent. Does he need the notoriety to feel good about his life or to give it meaning? Not even close!” “The other thing to learn here, is that Fenn is smart enough, and determined enough, to leave clues in four dimensions ….through time. You have to be impressed with that!”

“Sign language for the collective tribes had the word for ‘look’ represented by the ‘speaker’ placing a finger(s) under his eye(s), then pointing in the direction he was expecting the second party to look. “Look, over there,” was the message. The petroglyphic representation of this motion was simply a circle with a line proceeding from it toward the direction the reader was expected to look. This, of course, could be accomplished with two adjacent circles and two parallel lines with even more clarity. (Twice as much work for the maker of the petroglyph, though…) On the hillside directly above … there is a single circle. Could this mean simply to “look”? Six feet above this circle are the letters previously described that implicate Fenn’s presence there, ‘O (gap)RT1’, or as I’ve interpreted it, “Oh.., ‘arty’ one.”

“….then interpretation of the poem becomes secondary to the clues left on the ground through time, adjacent to the _ _ _ _ _, and immediately uphill from it.” “By this time in the game, I had come to believe that Fenn was intentionally ‘weeding out’ people that didn’t have his world vision, and that he wouldn’t want anyone who hadn’t done the sequential deductions to just accidentally stumble on the treasure.” “So, here’s the ‘Wow!’ part. Now that I’ve gotten you in the exact area, look for yourself for what appears to be a piled stone ‘stop sign’ in the immediate area of this tree. Drop down on Google Earth to as close as you can get to the ground, looking at the bottom right side of the monitor to see the virtual elevation. (…or view the included photographs…)” “Nice of Fenn,” I thought, “to have placed an actual ‘S t o p’ sign to let me know exactly where to go…” That made it a ‘no-brainer’….”

“It seemed a perfect message. It represented a ‘sign’ in all three meanings of the word; symbol, emblem, and omen. That would be typical of Fenn to think of something like that.” “By this time I believed that I had interpreted the complete poem, including the final verses. I’ll walk you through my thoughts on the last of it.”

“As long as the ‘breathfeather’ was still moving with the breeze and attached to the ‘native cotton’ string and the ‘prayerstick’, the person’s prayer was still being communicated to the gods through the movement of the ‘breathfeather’. (This could be the initial source of the Beachboys song, Good Vibrations…?) It is kind of a beautiful thought.”

“So, putting a tiny obscure petroglyph in front of an out of the way cave entrance seems very odd at the least. Going through the difficulty factor of making a tiny and intricate representation of a major deity at that location is odd to the point of bizarre. It tells me that there was a significant religious reason the Ancients had, for placing the ‘backward feet Kokopelli’ where they did. This representation was not accidental, and it most emphatically was not simply a ‘cave indicator’.”

“All of these things would be considered odd, on an individual basis. Taken as a group, the oddness migrated over a border-zone and into the eerie. I expected the music score from ‘the Twilight Zone’ to begin playing at any moment. Be assured, though, it took all of those things in combination to convince me to take that second trip south, without which I would have never found the ‘backward feet Kokopelli’.”

“None-the-less, in spite of the nagging ‘Mona Lisa style’ smile that kept coming to my lips, I looked diligently around in the area for the remaining hours until nightfall. I came upon fire burnt pop cans and tin cans that had been intentionally stuffed way back under shallow overhangs where they could never have been deposited naturally by the elements. I also found in the same jumble of boulders as the cave, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle plastic doll. It was under an overhang a foot and a half tall, and maybe three feet deep. I had to get down on my hands and knees and stretch hard to reach it all the way in the furthermost crack. I had read about this. Fenn, as a matter of personal humor placed things such as this in ‘out of reach’ places in areas that he’d visited. He said he did it to cause a quandary to future archeologists. Fenn had been there. Fenn, personally had been there. This seemed the final proof that the theory of the …………. was a valid one, and as I was out of daylight, and my foot was hurting and my knee was again swollen, I called off ‘the hunt’ and called it a day.”