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Forrest Fenn’s Unexpected Treasure 

by Craig Rosequist     Note: To go directly to an examination of new clues found ‘on location’ click on the “Clue Excerpts” button above.

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“Craig Rosequist sent me a copy of his new book, “Forrest Fenn’s Unexpected Treasure,” and I have looked it through. It’s very interesting. If I didn’t know where the treasure was hidden I might want to buy his book to get some ideas. It’s more imaginative and thoughtful than any other information I’ve seen for sale on the internet. ff”


Reports and comments are beginning to come in from those who’ve ordered and read the book.  I’ll include some of them here. …..Craig Rosequist

“I’ve had to re-think it all! Your book completely changed the way I look at  Fenn’s clues and I will be examining any new hints from him through the  filter of your obvious expertise. Your Kokopelli ‘kicker’ in particular was a  huge surprise. I can’t wait to hear what others think of such a potentially  controversial aspect to Fenn’s legendary quest. Thanks for a truly great read  and a much better chance at success.”

P R Mutoli,            Washington


“I just finished reading Craig’s book.  To me it was definitely worth reading.  Some of the information would have taken me a very long time to research and some of it I don’t believe I ever would have found on my own.  Besides, Forrest sent this to Dal for a reason, so there is that to think about :-) .”

Maggie M.                  Illinois

[note: This was posted on Dal Neitzel's blog on scrapbook thirty seven....URL listed above....CR]


“I found your book to be a great read, packed with details, and well worth the money in entertainment value alone.  If I lived in the Southwest, rather than Hawaii, I would carry this book into the field searching for the treasure myself.  For those other poor souls out there that have also contracted “Fenn Treasure Fever,” reading this book is a must….”

J Roberts,                                    Hawaii


Craig, your book has inspired my son-in-law to go treasure hunting.  Your book has been a big hit at our house, thanks.

Geraldine M.                               Washington